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Prof. William Guo
Central Queensland University Australia, Australia
In temporal data analysis, data used were often collected from different periods of time with various scales in sampling, measurement, and accuracy. These discrepancies require carful rationalisation and validation before applying data analysis for reliable and comparable outcomes. However, we often see direct comparisons be made between outcomes of data analysis from data sets with different scales over different periods of time. Such mismatched comparisons may happen on any topic ranging from local issues to global matters. In this presentation, we share the various time-series data over the most recent 2.6 million years that have been related to the debate of global warming in the last 2-3 decades. We will see how these data were used by different groups of people to draw different conclusions on global warming. We try to objectively assess the points of view from both sides of the argument.This case studyshould have a profound impact on designingcorrect and rational strategies for data analysis in other areas of application.
William Guo is a professor in applied computation and mathematics at Central Queensland University Australia. He received aPhD from The University of Western Australia in 1999, Master of Science in 1991 and Bachelor of Engineering in 1982 in China. He was the Dean of School of Engineering and Technology at Central Queensland University from Jan 2014-Jan 2015, and the Deputy Dean of the School from Feb 2013-Jan 2014.He served as a member of many CQU academic governing bodies such as Academic Board, Education Committee, andAcademic Promotion Committee. His research interests include computational intelligence, data and image processing, modelling and simulation, and geophysics. He has published about 100 papers in international journals and conference proceedings, a book in advanced engineering mathematics, and two special issues in an SCI-indexed journal Mathematical Problem in Engineering. He has supervised multiple PhD projects and was a keynote speaker at many international conferences and regional events. He is a member of IEEE, ACM, Australian Computer Society (ACS), and Australian Mathematics Society (AUSTMS), an executive member of Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (CAPHIS).
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