Prof. Jixin Ma
University of Greenwich, UK
Temporal Aspects in Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition aims at the operation and design of technologies to pick up meaningful patterns in data. In conventional pattern recognition systems, various patterns are usually represented as isolated collections of data while the temporal relationships between distinct patterns are neglected in most approaches. Generally speaking, temporal representation and reasoning is essential for many computer-based systems. In particular, an appropriate representation and reasoning for temporal knowledge seems necessary for recognizing pattern histories that usually involve rich internal temporal aspects, rather than just distinct patterns. Recognizing pattern histories actually plays an important role in solving problems including explanation/diagnosis, prediction/forecast, planning/scheduling, process management, and history reconstruction, etc. For instance, in the area of medical information systems, a patient’s medical history is obviously very important. In fact, to prescribe the right treatment, the doctor needs to know not only the patient’s current status, but also his/her previous health records. Similarly, in the weather forecasting, without a good understanding of climate phenomena based on past observations, the weather expert cannot make good predictions of the future. The purpose of this speech is to: (a) motivate and explain a topic of emerging importance in Artificial Intelligence; (b) provide an overview on some fundamental issues with respects to temporal representation and reasoning; (c) present a framework for representing and recognizing pattern histories with rich internal temporal aspects.


Dr Jixin Ma is a Reader of Computer Science in the Department of Computing and Information Systems of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, at University of Greenwich, U.K. He is the Director of the Centre of Computer and Computational Science and the Leader of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group of University of Greenwich. Dr Ma is also a Visiting Professor at Beijing Normal University, Anhui University and Zhengzhou Light Industrial University, China. Dr Ma obtained his BSc and MSc of Mathematics in 1982 and 1988, respectively, and PhD of Computer Sciences in 1994. His main research areas include Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Systems, with special interests in Temporal Logic, Temporal Databases, Reasoning about Action and Change, Case-Based Reasoning, Pattern Recognition and Graph Matching. Dr Ma has published more than 100 research papers in international journals and conferences, and is currently serving as the Editor of several international journals.

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