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Prof. Michael Pecht
Prof. Michael Pecht
University of Maryland, USA
Electronics Parts Change Control and Supply Chain Responsibilities of Electronic System Manufacturers
The rapid growth of the information and automation industries has spurred dramatic changes in the parts that make up electronic products and systems. In particular, changes are continuously being made to increase performance, reduce feature size and power, and of course reduce costs while meeting environmental and other legal regulations. All changes introduce uncertainty and this uncertainty can affect the operation of the supply chain, as well as the final results. The more frequent changes are made, the more complex the operations of the supply chain become and the more attention is required to assess the changes. This presentation will discuss some of the key issues with changes and how advanced supply chain methods are being used to address the changes. Issues concerning obsolescence, the use of application specific parts, counterfeit parts, qualification, reliability and operational availability will also be presented.
Prof Michael Pecht is a world renowned expert in strategic planning, supply chain management and risk assessment of information systems. Prof Pecht has an MS in Electrical Engineering and an MS and PhD in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is a Professional Engineer, an IEEE Fellow, an ASME Fellow, an SAE Fellow and an IMAPS Fellow. He is the editor-in-chief of IEEE Access, and served as chief editor of the IEEE Transactions on Reliability for nine years, chief editor for Microelectronics Reliability for sixteen years. He is the founder and Director of CALCE (Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering) at the University of Maryland, which is funded by over 150 of the world’s leading electronics companies at more than US$6M/year. The CALCE Center received the NSF Innovation Award in 2009. He is currently a Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering and a Professor in Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland. He has written more than twenty books on product reliability, development, use and supply chain management. He has also written a series of books of the electronics industry in China, Korea, Japan and India. He consults for 22 international companies. He has written over 700 technical articles and has 7 patents.In 2013, he was awarded the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award. In 2011, he received the University of Maryland’s Innovation Award for his new concepts in risk management. In 2010, he received the IEEE Exceptional Technical Achievement Award for his innovations in the area of prognostics and systems health management. In 2008, he was awarded the highest reliability honor, the IEEE Reliability Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award.He has previously received the European Micro and Nano-Reliability Award for outstanding contributions to reliability research, 3M Research Award for electronics packaging, and the IMAPS William D. Ashman Memorial Achievement Award for his contributions in electronics analysis.
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