Welcome to the world Congress on Engineering and Technology (CET2013)!
World Congress on Engineering and Technology (CET), to be held on Oct. 25, 2013 in Sanya China, is composed of 5 Symposiums on the frontier topics in the engineering and technological subjects. It dedicates to facilitating the global development of engineering and technology and exploring ways in which the latest research results can be shared.
Welcome to Sanya in October 2013.
Publication and Presentation
The papers of AFE, AEM, BEB, EME, FAH, MCE will be published by Scientific Research Publishing.
All accepted papers will be published by open access journals.
Agricultural Sciences Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics Engineering

2156-8553 (Print)

2327-4352 (Print)

2327-5081 (Print)

Creative Education Open Journal of Forestry Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

2327-5952 (Print)


2327-6045 (Print)


Being an Open Access Journal
  • Researchers around the world have full access to all the published articles
  • Widest dissemination of your published work ensuring greater visibility
  • Free downloads of the published articles without any subscription fee
Conference Speakers (as of June 18, 2013)
Prof. Abdalbasit Adam Mariod Prof. Biranchinarayan Tosh Prof. Xuefeng GUO Prof. David Y. Gao Prof. ramesh gupta
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi-arabia Orissa Engineering College, India Peking University, China University of Ballarat, Australia Nagaland University, India
Prof. Gang Yin Prof. Bimal Mishra  
Wayne State University, USA Birla Institute of Technology, India  
Contact Information
Tel:+86 - 186 2773 7240
What's New
CET 2013 was Held Successfully in Sanya, China (2013-11-22)
CET2013 Conference Program final is available to download no... (2013-09-25)
CET 2013 Room booking alert! (2013-09-02)
CET 2012 was Held Successfully in Beijing, China (2013-01-08)

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