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  • Current Status of Reproductive Management in Buffalo in West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
  • DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2013.34B001   PP.1 - 3, Pub. Date: November 7 , 2013
  • Author(s)
  • Muhammad Yusuf, Sudirman Baco, Muhammd Nasir Karim
  • The aim of this study was to know the application of reproductive management of buffalos in West Sulawesi Province. This study was conducted during a period from July to August 2012 in three different sub-districts; Mehalaan, Messawa, and Nosu. Purposive sampling was used to choose the location where the study was taking place with consideration that those sub-districts have different population of buffalos ranging from highest to smallest. Data collection both primary and secondary data was done through observation and interview to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data. The results of this study showed that mating system of buffalos in this area were two different methods; natural mating without any help and natural mating with the help of the farmers, while artificial insemination (AI) method for mating the buffalos did not apply yet. A total of 85% farmers/respondent did mating system for the buffalos with the help of the farmers, while the remaining 15% of the farmers did mating system without any help. This study also showed that most of the farmers had good knowledge about estrus (98.3%) and the remaining 1.7% farmers had poor knowledge about estrus. Most of them were capable to identify buffalos in estrus by observing their behavior.


  • Buffalo; Reproductive Management; Mating System
  • References
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