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  • Performance Measurement for Construction CALS Application of Ubiquitous Technology Using the Process Chart Method
  • DOI: 10.4236/jss.2013.15002   PP.5 - 9, Pub. Date: November 7 , 2013
  • Author(s)
  • Tae Hak Kim, Seong Yun Jeong
  • From the industrial field that spearheaded IT created new added values and markets, and with the fusion of the traditional industry composition, researches are actively being conducted to steer advancement. The application possibility of the high-tech IT technique in the construction industry is increasing. Therefore, when a technique similar to this ubiquitous technique is applied to the Construction CALS system, the effectiveness of the business transaction is augmented, and a business that could reduce the various needed expenses is predicted. In this research, the exhibition features developed and detailed the features of the Construction CALS system to measure the effectiveness of the development so as to prove the validity of the Process Chart using techniques with detailed exhibition features, and will want to conduct quantitative performance measurement.
  • Construction CALS; Ubiquitous; Process Chart Method; Quantitative Performance Measurement
  • References
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