• Prof. Luigi de Luca
  • Prof. Luigi de Luca
  • University of Naples Federico II, Italy
  • Title: Design and performance evaluation of piezo-driven synthetic jet devices Luigi de Luca and Matteo Chiatto
  • Abstract:
    In the last few years synthetic jet actuators have gained much interest among flow control techniques due to their short response time, high jet velocity and absence of traditional piping, that matches the requirements of reduced size and low weight. A synthetic jet is generated by the membrane oscillation (generally driven by a piezo-electric element) in a relatively small cavity, producing periodic cavity pressure variation associated to cavity volume change. The high pressure air exhausts through an orifice, converting membrane elastic energy in jet kinetic energy. This review paper faces the development of a validated lumped-element modeling (LEM) as a practical tool to design and manufacturing actuators. LEM can predict quickly device performances such as frequency response in terms of membrane displacement, cavity pressure and jet velocity, as well as efficiency of energy conversion of input Joule power into useful kinetic power of air jet. Actuator performance is analyzed also by varying typical geometric parameters such as cavity height and orifice diameter and length, through a proper dimensionless form of the governing equations.
  • Biography:
    Luigi de Luca graduated in Aeronautical Engineering in 1977 summa cum laude. Presently he is full professor of thermo-fluid-dynamics and fluid dynamics stability at University of Naples Federico II, ITALY. He is active in both numerical and experimental thermo-fluid-dynamics fields. Since about a decade he addressed his scientific interests towards design and manufacturing of prototypical synthetic jet devices driven by piezo-electric elements, to be used in various technological applications. Very recently lumped-element modeling of plasma synthetic jet has been approached as well.
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October 21-23, 2016
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