Beijing Yanshan Hotel
Located in Beijing's Zhongguancun Hi-tech Zone, the "Silicon Valley of China", Beijing Yanshan Hotel is in the neighbourhood of the North Third Ring Road and the Zhongguancun Street with convenient transport to the Capital Airport, Beijing Railway Station, National Library, Beijing TV Station and Shangdi Information Industry Base. Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University and many other famous universities as well as scientific and technical institutions are all in the vicinity. The Summer Palace and Yuanmingyuan—China's ancient royal gardens can be reached in several minutes' drive.

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Address: No.38 A, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing
Rate: Standard Room (two beds) RMB 530/night (about USD90/night, single breakfast included). Rate: Single Room (one bed) RMB 530/night (about USD90/night, single breakfast included).

If you want the organizing committee to help you reserving the room, please send an E-mail with the title "Room Booking" to and tell us your booking information including:
1. Your registration ID (Paper ID /User ID)
2. Guest name
3. Telephone
4. The room style (Standard Room or Single Room)
5. The date of check-in
6. The date of check-out
Please Note:
1. Keep your E-mail Contact unobstructed.
2. If you want to cancel your booking, please send E-mail to too.
3. Please send your booking information before January 30, 2016. Otherwise,we maybe cannot guarantee a room reservation. Our confirmation reply is necessary to your reservation.
About Beijing
Beijing, Jing for short, is the nation's political, economic, cultural and educational center as well as China's most important center for international trade and communications. Together with Xi'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing and Hangzhou, Beijing is one of the six ancient cities in China. It has been the heart and soul of politics and society throughout its long history and consequently there is an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight and intrigue travelers as they explore Beijing's ancient past and enjoy its exciting modern development.
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