Dr. Hua Yang
Dr. Hua Yang
Chinese People's Armed Police Forces Academy, China
Title: The study on the setting of several key parameters in the design of fire-induced smoke prevention and smoke control system
After the building fire occurs, the effective control of fire-induced smoke can ensure the safe evacuation of the occupants and the rapid rescue of firefighters. Therefore, the design of effective smoke control and smoke exhaust system is an important content in building fire safety design. This speech introduces some research results of key parameters in design of smoke control and smoke extraction system, including the setting of air supply outlet in vestibule, the roughness of air supply shaft, the size of air supply shaft and the height of smoke exhaust outlet. It can provide some technical references for smoke control design personnel, building fire protection design audit personnel, fire safety management personnel, and technical codes creators of smoke control and fire researchers.
Dr. YANG Hua is Associate Professor of Department of Fire Commanding at Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy, and is the Associate Director of fire smoke control research center of Department of Fire Commanding. He received his B.S. degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Armed Police Force Academy in 2008, and Ph.D. degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Collaboration PhD program of University of Science and Technology of China and City University of Hong Kong in 2013. Dr. Yang Hua`s primary area of research is building fire protection, suppression and rescue technology. He has published 17 papers including 14 peer-reviewed journal papers and 1 book in the fields of building fire protection, pedestrian evacuation, fire suppression and rescue technology. He is the member of technical program committee of International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (CACE 2017) and The 2nd International Conference on Disaster Prevention and Public Safety (DPPS 2018). He participated in research projects such as the National Key Technology Research and Development R&D Program for the 12th Five-Year Plan of China Funded by Ministry of Science & Technology of China: Research on key technologies of fire prevention and control of Transportation Hub Complex based on Internet of Things technology, Railway Vision 2020 for enhancing the passenger experience in using Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway service: Analysis and planning of super-large scale passenger flow in rail transportation hub area, Autonomous Research Project of Sate Key Laboratory of Fire Science (SKLFS): Study on fire performance of typical PVC cables, etc. He also participated in many application projects of fire performance based protection design for newly-built constructions, such as Hong Kong West Kowloon Terminus, Qingdao North Railway Station of Qingdao metro, Wuhan Wanda Plaza, Taiyuan International Exhibition Center, etc.