Dr. Baohong Zhang
Dr. Baohong Zhang
Department of Biology at East Carolina University, USA
Title: microRNA-based biotechnology for crop improvement
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are an extensive class of newly discovered endogenous small RNAs, which negatively regulate gene expression at the post-transcription levels. miRNAs play a critical role in almost all biological and metabolic processes, and provide an unique strategy for plant improvement. Recently, miRNAs because a new target for crop improvement through transgenic and genome editing technology. Manipulating a single miRNA gene can significantly enhance crop yield and increasing plant tolerance to various environmental biotic and abiotic stress. Both endogenous and artificial miRNAs may serve as important tools for plant improvement.
Dr. Baohong Zhang is currently a full professor in Department of Biology at East Carolina University (USA). He received his bachloar degree from China Agricutural University and Ph.D. degree from Texas Tech University. Dr. Zhang worked at Chinese Academy pf Agricultural Sciences for more than 10 years before he went to US for Ph.D. study. Dr. Zhang has been working on the field of crop and horticultural genetics and biotechnology for more than 30 years. He has published more than 150 SCI papers, many of them are listed as hot papers and highly cited papers by SCI. He also serves as associated editor and/or guest editor for more than 10 SCI journals, including Scientific Reports, PLOS One, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology Journal and Gene. He has reviewed manuscripts for more than 100 SCI journals. He has reviewed proposals for more than 40 funding agents, including NSF, US DoE, US USDA, and NSFC.