Dr. Denise Tsang
Dr. Denise Tsang
University of Reading, UK
Title: Managing Creativity in UK Entrepreneurial Firms
Is creativity an elusive concept? How do we manage creativity in successful, modern media firms? This paper discusses the coordination of commercial, artistic and technical resources among key decision makers within UK media firms specializing in creative outputs, characterized with novelty and usefulness. These creative outputs represent valuable intellectual property, and involve complex coordination under scarcity, where good judgement is critical. This paper proposes a framework in conjunction with creative production, which covers the conception of new ideas, the organization of creativity and the management of end user relationships. Successful firms, which are the driver of the UK economy, have evolved into coalitions of entrepreneurs working project by project. They have perfected the process in coordinating commitments among stakeholders that provide novel ideas, creative inputs and feedback on experience.
Denise Tsang is a Lecturer at the University of Reading, UK. She has previously held visiting positions at the University of Bath and Manchester Business School. Denise graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. She also obtained a first-class degree in Management and Business Administration from the University of Reading and completed her PhD in Economics with a Scholarship. Her research interests include strategic issues within Global Business on which she has written over 40 articles and several monographs. Her monographs are: Business Strategy and National Culture, The Entrepreneurial Culture, Entrepreneurial Creativity in a Virtual World and Industrial Democracy in the Chinese Aerospace Industry. She was also the lead editor of Routledge Companion to International Management Education. Denise has gained research grants from the British Academy, the Japan Foundation Endowment Fund and the Leverhulme Trust. She has also served in the External Relations Committee and the Outreach Committee of International Management Division, Academy of Management. Denise is interested in engaging with the wider audience – her upcoming talk is scheduled with the Museum of Berkshire Aviation.