Prof. Rongbin W.B. Lee
Prof. Rongbin W.B. Lee
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (China)
Title: Knowledge Risks and its Management in the Service Economy
Most Knowledge Management Programs emphasize on the importance of capturing, retaining and sharing of organizational knowledge among its stakeholders. As the beneficial effect of these process could not be felt immediately, there is often a lack of priorities and urgency allocated to knowledge management (KM) initiatives from the senior management. and is only a good-to-have agenda in corporate business. The measurement and reporting of intellectual capital ( IC) and intellectual asset (IA) though make better sense to attract attention from the financial perspectives , the percentage of companies which include IC or IA in their annual reports is still low. To overcome such lack of incentives to implement KM, another better approach in most organizations is on the assessment of knowledge risks and its disastrous effect on the daily operation of its business. Knowledge risk refers to the potential threats, disastrous at times, caused by knowledge when it is not managed properly. A tool is developed by the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to assess the knowledge risk factors of company systematically and reliably. These factors o include knowledge loss, leakage and obsolescence. There are two connected assessments. The first is a traditional quick check-list type survey to evaluate the risk factor level and the other is an evidence-based validation which overcomes the major weakness of the subjective responses. The risk tool has been conducted in various companies with very encouraging results and feedback. In addition, methods and practices to mitigate knowledge risks in various companies are also illustrated.

Prof. Rongbin W.B. Lee is currently the Cheng Yick-chi Chair Professor of Manufacturing Engineering in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Director of the Knowledge Management and innovation Research Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Head of the Partner State Key Laboratory of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the ex-President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and had served as the President of the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology. 

Professor Lee has pioneered research and practice of knowledge management in various industrial sectors in Hong Kong which include manufacturing, trading, public utilities and health care. He has assisted the Intellectual Property Department of the HKSAR Government in the launching of the Intellectual Capital Management Programme for SMEs in Hong Kong and the compilation of the first Intellectual Capital Report among the government sector, as well as the design of the Innovation Nest at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks. He is currently the co-chief editor of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems (Emerald) and the chief editor of the International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (IGI Publishing), Prof. Lee and his team have launched Asia’s first on-line MSc. Programme in Knowledge Management. His research interests include manufacturing engineering, manufacturing strategy, and knowledge management, intellectual capital management and organizational learning. He has published more than 200 papers published in referred journals and conferences.