The Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2012) will be held on December 29~31, 2012 in Hainan Island, China. The Conference theme covers computational intelligence, information security, multimedia and graphics technologies, and software engineering. And the invited famous scholars and experts from all over the world will exchange the latest research results and share the advanced research methods. The 2012 Exhibition on Computer Science and Software Engineering will be on schedule at the same time. We would like to share this valuable opportunity with relative enterprises to exchange technologies and promote businesses.

Reasons for exhibition on CSSE 2012
  • Get acquainted with the researchers, scholars and colleagues in the field of engineering and technology from all over the world, get to know the latest trend of this industry development, enhance the technology exchanging, and discuss the newly developed issues.
  • Expose and promote your new ideas, new technology and new products.
  • Exchange your opinions with the experts face to face and broaden your network of interpersonal relationship.
  • You can even hold a mini size job fair to get acquainted with the high leveled talents and postgraduates in related field, and attract them to join in your company.
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计算科学与软件工程大会(The Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering 简称CSSE 2012)将于2012年12月29日至31日在中国三亚举行。大会涉及领域包括计算智能,信息安全,软件工程等。大会拟邀请来自国内外专家学者做各分会的主题报告。


  • 您可结识来自全世界的工程、技术领域专家、学者及行业同仁,了解领域内的最新发展前沿,增强技术交流,探讨新兴课题。
  • 您可参与会议会展论坛推介,展示和推广您的新概念、新技术及新产品。
  • 您可与行业专家面对面交流,建立更广泛的人际关系。
  • 您可在展台自行举行小型招聘宣讲会,结识学界、行业相关领域的高素质人才、研究生,招聘优秀员工。


联系人: 余老师
E-mail: zjyu@scirp.org
电话: 027-86758873-8121
传真: 027-86758873-8018
QQ: 1214878794

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