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Hainan Island is one of the best destinations for tour and vacation in China. The beautiful scenery and warm climate of this tropical coastal city has attracted people from all around the world, and it has become a center of exhibitions and conferences.

Hainan Island is superb as a tropical garden city of good environment. It is a sunny city that has more than 300 days of sunlight in a year. Warm winters and not-so-hot summers guarantee that this place has blooming flowers all year round. The rate of forest cover in the area of Hainan Island is 64.4%, and the public green space cover in the urban area is 44.6%. The quality of air and environment of Hainan Island ranks first among all cities in China. According to the air quality survey over 148 cities of 45 countries by the UN from 1998 to 2003, Hainan Island claims the first place in Asia, and second place in the world.

Hainan Island is a leading destination for tour, vacation and leisure time partly because of gorgeous sun sheen, sea view and beach, partly because of the world-class hotels, resort and spa centers, golf courses, diving places, and some nationally renowned scenic spots here. It is also a favorite place of MICE, which means meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions.

Every year, Hainan Island will be in the limelight of mass media in some months for various cultural activities, fashion shows, and sports events here. The Miss World pageant in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 greatly raised the global awareness of Hainan Island.
Hainan Island Bay is only a stone’s throw away from the downtown area of Hainan Island. Stretching from Hainan Island Harbor and Phoenix Island to Tianya Bay, it is about 22 kilometers long. The eastern part of the Hainan Island bay is the south edge of Hainan Island downtown area. This part of the beach is a best place for local people to have morning exercises and dancing practice at nights because there are several squares or gardens in this part......... More
Tianyahaijiao is probably the most famous scenic spot on Hainan Island. It is located at the southwest seaside of Hainan Island. Literally it means the end of sky and the rim of the sea in Chinese and it is geographically on the south tip of the tropical Ultima Thule of China. It covers a land area of 10.4 square kilometers and a sea area of 6 square kilometers. Chinese poets in ancient times had lost here in reflection of their personal destiny and the country’s future when they strolled along the beautiful coast at Tianyahaijiao. . .......More
The West Island (Xi Dao Island) is located within the Hainan Island Bay National Protection Zone. It covers an area of 2.8 square kilometers. There are about 3,000 inhabitants and fisherman living on the island. The island is 8 kilometers away from Hainan Island. Tourists can embark on a yacht and after 25 minutes they will be on the island. Being quite far off the shore and city, the island boasts gorgeously clean sea water, good air quality, fascinating scenery, soft beach. There are a lot of pristine coral reefs around the island........More
Yalong Bay boasts impressive beauty. The crescent-shaped bay is about 7.5 kilometers long and covers an area of 18.6 square kilometers. Yalong Bay is 25 kilometers away from Hainan Island. The scenery is gorgeous, with lush hills, amazingly blue sea and white sand beach. You may also see well-preserved coral reefs and tropical fish of a great variety of kinds, colors and shapes.......More
For more information about Hainan Island click http://english.sanya.gov.cn/

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