Distinguishing Features
What is unique about this event?
  1. SCET, the world exposition in conference, is a global conference with presentations and attendees distribute all over the world.
  2. The presentations and attendees are related to government, academic and commercial circle, which means people from different backgrounds, can communicate or cooperate opened.
  3. Dynamic: formal, presentation with interactive discussion.
  4. SCET is composed of devise branch conferences which cover engineering, environment, health, information technology, medical science, education, psychology, management, finance and power and energy fields, thus it is a comprehensive event.
Who you will meet?
(Confirmed Speaks/Officials from different ranked government/Expert in all the areas) To be added…
Benefits of attending
SCET has been designed to maximize your time out of the office-you will get:
  1. Business card exchange: you will be given the opportunity to formally meet and greet other industry leaders, decision makers and experts. Business cards are exchanged and key relationships are forged that can be fostered throughout the event and beyond.
  2. Interactive discussion: you will be given the opportunity to interact with the very best in the spot. Attendees can share the latest information together.
Whoever you are, you may always get what you want or the help you've never reach before:
  1. If you were a businessman, you would meet some technologies put forward by any experts in your demand to innovate new products which are more efficient and advanced, or to develop the old productions and productivity. If you were an academic expert, you would have the opportunities to practice your research into specific produce technologies or visible substance. If it all goes well, you may achieve appreciation from enterprises and officials then obtain more support to study, no matter in fund or policy.
  2. If you worked in government, you could catch the opportunity to promote both experts and businessmen for the advanced technologies and investments with the government power. It would attract investments and gain developments for their locality.
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Wuhan University
Chang'an University
Tianjin University
University of Jinan
North China Electric Power University
Huazhong Agricultural University
Xi'an Technological University
Shanghai University
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Tongji University
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Jiangsu University
Ningbo University
Yanshan University
Qingdao university of science & technology
Engineering Information Institute

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