Mario Malinconico
Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy


Dr. Mario Malinconico was born in Palma Campania (Na, Italy) on July 20th 1955, and resides in Naples, Via Giacinto Gigante, 2 – 80136 (tel. 0815449618, 3805159549). He is married and happy father of 3 children, age 30, 22 and 17.
2011 Appointed as Italian Representative at IUPAC by the President of the Italian CNR (2011-2014)
2011 Appointed as President of the CTS of  Assobioplastiche Association (, the association which was funded by Novamont, BASF, M&G, Nature Works  and other major stakeholders in the field of bioplastics. Main speaker at the Biopolymers World Conference in Venice, May 2012
2010 and 2007 Invited lecturer at the Summer Schools on Polymer Technology of the University of Los Andes, Faculty of Mechanical Engineer, Bogotà, Colombia
2005 Appointed as Research Director at ICTP, Responsible of the Commitment on “Advanced Biomimetic Polymeric Materials”, (P02.PM022)
2004 Winner of one of the 3 the St. Andrews Prize's for the Environment for his studies on biodegradable mulchings
2003 Coordinator of the LIFE Environment Project "Bio.Co.Agri" (Biodegradable Coverages for Sustainable Agriculture) (Project N. 377)
2002 Coordinator of The Commission for Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM)
2000 Responsible of the Research activity for the ICTP in the frame of an European GROWTH Project on Bioplastics
1998 Appointed as Senior Researcher at ICTP and Head of the Laboratory of Polymer Synthesis and Chemical Modification
1993 Appointed by DGXII of EEC as Project Technical Advisor for CRAFT Projects related to the use of eco-sustainable materials.
1990, 1993, 1995 Invited Lecturer at the three Edition of the International School of Advanced Studies in Polymer Science held in Ferrara (October-December 1990) organized by the Association for Advanced Studies on Science of Polymeric Materials, from Himont and from Enichem
1990 - 1995 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Technology of CNR
1985 Responsible of the research activity of the ICTP in the frame of two Craft projects on ecological polymer technology.
1983 Appointed as researcher at Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Technology (ICTP) of Italian CNR
1979-1981 appointed as Research Assistant at University of Liverpool, Dept. of Inorganic, Physical and Industrial Chemistry.
1979 graduated in Industrial Chemistry at University of Naples "Federico II" with an experimental thesis dissertation on "Synthesis and characterization of interfacial agents and their use in polymer blends".

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