Alok Jha
Banaras Hindu University, India


A.   New Course Curriculum Planned and Implemented
  1. Developed the curriculum for M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology) for the 1st time in BHU, Varanasi in 2007 and revised it in 2009 in line with 4th Deans Committee Report of ICAR.
  2. Developed the curriculum for Ph.D. (Food Science) for the 1st time in BHU and implemented in 2010.
  3. Developed the curriculum for B. Tech. (Dairy Technology) to be started soon at BHU.
  4. Developed the curriculum for B. V. Sc. & AH to be started from 2012 at Rajiv Gandhi South Campus of BHU.
  5. Coordinating a new course on International Agricultural Rural Development (IARD) in association with Cornell University, USA for the 1st time starting August 2011.
  6. BHU has received a USAID Funded Agricultural Innovation Partnership Project within an outlay of US$ 9 million. I have been appointed as Deputy Coordinator for Education Component. I have been tasked with starting 3 new programs at UG level for which work is in progress.
  7. Organized a Brainstorming Meeting for Veterinary Science Education at BHU on May 23, 2011 to develop a roadmap for starting a new Veterinary Science Faculty.
  8. Developed a new course of M. Tech. (Food Process Engineering & Management) which is to be started.  
  9. Revised the course curriculum of M.Sc. and Ph.D. (AH & Dairying) with specializations in Dairy Technology and LPM in the Department of AH & Dairying at BHU, Varanasi.
B.   Creation of Infrastructure and Manpower
  1. Developed smart classrooms with Plasma board, interactive monitors and internet connectivity for students and researchers.
  2. Enabled all M. Sc. (Food Science and Technology) students to get fellowships at BHU.
  3. Developed an environment friendly green campus with limited resources.
  4. Developing video conferencing facility under IARD course for interaction with Cornell University faculty.
  5. Facilitated appointment of 8 faculty members in Centre of Food Science and Technology at BHU and several RAs/SRFs for project related specific research and education.
C.   New Centres/Faculties Created
  1. Created a state-of-art Centre of Food Science and Technology with DBT support in a record time of one year of my joining at BHU taking due approvals of BOS, Faculty, Academic Council and Executive Council.
  2. Sourced Rs. 7.50 Crore from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India in a competitive mode for setting up this Centre.
  3. Fully developed a proposal for creation of a Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in BHU. Proposal has now been approved by the Academic Council and the Executive Council of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
D.      Evaluation of Training Programmes/Short Courses
    I.          I was appointed by the ICAR to evaluate a Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Dairy Technology organized at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal from October 10-30, 2012. 

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