Christo Boyadjiev
Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria

Education and degrees:
1. 1968 - PhD, Moscow, USSR, PhD Thesis: "Influence of Surface Active Agents on Hydrodynamics and  Mass Transfer in Laminar Film Flow".
2. 1978 - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dr. Techn. Sci. Thesis: "Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Falling Liquid Films"

Awards: The Bulgarian Order of Cyril and Methodius (first class).
 The Russian Federation Order of Mihailo Lomonosow (Russian National Committee for Public Prizes).

Employment: Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Science, since 1962;
• Associate Professor - 1971;
• Professor in Chemical Engineering, since 1981;
• Professor Emeritus of Bulgarian Academy of Science – 2012;
• Head of Laboratories: "Modelling and Optimization", "Processes Systems Engineering";
• Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science – 2008;
• Editor-in-Chief of the “Transactions of Academenergo” (Scientific journal of the Russian Academy of Science);
• Chairman of the Scientific Council of the International Scientific Center for Power and Chemical Engineering Problems (;
• Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop on “Transport Phenomena in Two-Phase Flows” (No.1 - 15).

1. 1963, USSR, Moscow, Supervisor-Prof. V.G. Levich, project "Effects of Surfactants on the Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer”, Institute of Electrical Chemistry, Soviet Academy of Science – 4 months;
2. 1968, USSR, Novosibirsk, Supervisor-Prof. M.G. Slinko, project "Effects of Chemical Reactions on the Mass Transfer", Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch of the Soviet Academy of Sciences - 4 months.

The information about Chr. Boyadjiev`s  last books:
 Theoretical ChemicalEngineering. Modeling and simulation, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2010, 594 pp.
and Chr. Boyadjiev, V.Babak, Non-Linear Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamic Stability, Elsevier, New York, 2000, 500 pp.

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