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Q1: How do I find out if my paper is in scope for your conference? 

A1: To establish whether you paper is suitable for the conference, go to the conference website and then click on the "Call for Paper" button to display the scope of the conference. 

Q2: Could I submit an abstract for reviewing first? I want to publish a paper on your conference. 

A2: If you would like to publish a paper, please kindly submit the full paper (but not abstract) directly. 

Q3: How do I submit my paper to your conference? 

A3: All papers must be submitted through our online Submission System, in which the paper status can easily be tracked. A new user should apply for a new group of Username & Password to submit. All figures and tables should be combined with the text as a single MS Word or PDF for submission. If you have any difficulty about the submission, you can contact the conference secretary via the email for help. 

Q4: What should I submit if I only want to make an oral presentation on your conference? 

A4: An abstract submission will be enough. The abstract is only used for an oral presentation; it will be released in the conference program guide but will not be published in the conference journal/proceedings. 

Q5: Can I send my paper/abstract to you by an email? I do not know how to make the registration. 

A5: Yes, you can send it to us and we will offer help on the registration and submission. 

Q6: Should I use the template for submission? 

A6: You are suggested to format your manuscript according to our standard template; the template can be downloaded from Template for Manuscripts. However, if you do not know how to do it, please just prepare your manuscript in MS Word or PDF version, and submit through our online Submission System. Besides, an abstract submission does not need to use the template.

Q7: Is there any template for abstract? Do I have to use the full paper template? 

A7: You can take the abstract part of the full paper template for reference and there is no special template for abstract submission. 

Q8: What type of file format do you accept? 

A8: Papers in MS Word or PDF is the format for submitting your paper to our Paper Submission System. After acceptance of your paper, you can update your revised paper in MS Word in the Submission System. If you paper is in Latex format, you can send it to us via our email address. 

Q9: Is there a word or page limit for papers published in your conference? 

A9: Quality is the most important criteria for the acceptance of a paper. However, for the benefit of peer-reviewers and readers papers should be as concise as possible. The most of our papers are about 6 pages, extra publication fee is charged for the additional pages. 

Q10: Is it allowed to submit a published abstract or paper? 

A10: A published abstract will be OK as the abstract will be not published again. It will be collected as the Oral presentation materials into the Conference Program Guide book only.  

Q11: Can I publish a review or survey paper with your conference? 

A11: Yes, there are no restrictions on the type of paper that may be published with our conference. 

Q12: How do I know if my paper submitted to your conference worked well? 

A12: You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail as soon as you have uploaded the paper successfully. Your paper will then be checked and forwarded to the conference secretary who will start the preliminary review. If there are any problems with your uploaded manuscript you will be contacted by the secretary. 

Q13: When can I know the reviewing result of my paper/abstract? 

A13: Normally, the review results will be out within 7 days after the submission. We will release the review results in the submission system, and will also send review results to the email you provided when you submit your paper/abstract. 

Q14: Is there a submission deadline? 

A14: Yes, you can check the deadline date on the conference website. Conference 

Registration Fee 

Q1: Is there any registration fee charged for attending your conference? 

A1: Yes. The registration fee is required to be paid upon acceptance of your paper/abstract. The conference may grant discounts on registration fees for students, early registration papers/abstracts, Multiple Submissions and Friend’s Recommendation. The detailed information is listed below: 

1) Students can get USD50 discount on full paper publishing. 

2) A submission (full paper or abstract) can get 10% discount if the payment is finished within 10 days after the acceptance notification. 

3) An audience registration can get 10% discount if the payment is finished by February 1, 2017 

4) other discount policy: Multiple Submissions Second and later submission (full paper or abstract, with the same first author) can get 20% discount. 

Friend’s Recommendation For papers recommended by you: If the author write to the organizing committee and mention your name as the recommending person, the author will enjoy the "Recommendation Discount" (10% off) on the registration. 

For you: Each accepted paper recommended by you will bring 10% discount to your registration, which means, if you recommend 5 submissions and all the 5 papers are accepted, you will enjoy 50% discount, and if you recommend 10 accepted papers, you can enjoy free registration! 

Q2: How do I pay the registration fee to your conference? 

A2: You can make a payment via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Western Union. Detailed payment instructions can be found on the submission system. You can also ask the conference secretary for any problems. 

Note: 1. If you make the Wired Transfer payment, please make sure that your Paper ID (mentioned in the e-mail) is filled in the "attached statement", otherwise we cannot tell who has remitted the money. After the Wired Transfer payment, your local bank will return a receipt to you after the remittance. Do NOT discard it. 

2. If you make the Online Payment, please remember your order number or keep the screen capturing of payment if it is possible. 

Q3: How do I find out if my registration fee has been safely received by your conference? 

A3: Please log in the online Submission System and check your payment status. The status will be changed to be YES if your payment has been received. You can also send your payment voucher via e-mail to the conference secretary after your payment. The secretary shall email you a confirmation letter after receiving the payment. 

Publication and Indexing 

Q1: How long will it take for my paper to be available online after the acceptance? 

A1: Normally, it will appear online during the conference date. 

Q2: Are the conference proceedings be indexed by Ei Compendex? 

A2: No. All the accepted papers will be published by "Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics" (ISSN: 2327-4352), a peer-reviewed open access journal that can ensure the widest dissemination of your published work. For more information, please visit:


Q1: When can I get the detailed schedule of my presentation? 

A1: Normally, the detailed schedule will be released one and half month before the conference. We will release the PDF version Schedule at our submission system, and will also forward the schedule to your email box. 

Q2: How much time I will have for my talk? 

A21: There will be 10-15 minutes for each oral presentation and 30-40 minutes for each invited speech. 

Q3: Will you supply the facilities? 

A3: Yes, we will supply the computer, project and other related facilities for the conference. You can bring your PPT/PDF file with your USB devices, and copy it to the computer in the conference room 5 minutes before the conference. You can contact the conference assistance at the conference site if you have any questions. 

Conference Venue and Transportation 

Q1: Where is the conference venue? 

A1: The conference will be held in International Asia-Pacific Convention Center Sanya

Q2: How can I book the hotel? 

A2: We can help to book the hotel at the conference venue, you can send us below information to the conference organizing committee by an email: 

1. Your Registration ID (Paper ID /User ID) 

2. Guest Name 

3. Telephone 

4. Room Type (Single or Standard) 

5. The date of check-in 

6. The date of check-out 

Q3: How can I book the transportation within China? 

A3: You can book the ticket online directly, the link of the English website is: The Business Center of the Hotel can also help you to book the ticket. If you have any other difficulty to do so, you can contact the conference secretary via the email for help.

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