Alain Bernard
Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France

 Prof. A. Bernard, born in 1959, was graduated in Production Engineering in 1982 at ENS Cachan. He contributed to LURPA laboratory (Research Laboratory for Production), with Prof. Bourdet, since 1983 and obtained his PhD in 1989, on 3D feature-based manufacturing of forging dies.


As an assistant professor, he worked from 1990, for six years, with Prof. Bocquet in Ecole Centrale Paris (Research laboratory on Mechanical Engineering and Logistics) on product, technology and process modelling.


He also created, in 1993, the rapid prototyping and reverse engineering platform of Ecole Centrale Paris, the CREATE (European Rapid prototyping Centre for Assistance, Transfert and Experiment). During the same period he started his action to develop and disseminate the capabilities of additive layered manufacturing in France, while being the AFPR representative in GARPA group as one of the initiator members.


From September 1996 to October 2001, he has been Professor in CRAN laboratory (Research Centre for Automatic Control of Nancy, UMR CNRS 7039) in Nancy, where he managed a research group (ICF) on mechanical and production engineering. His main research topics are related to reverse engineering, knowledge-based systems for Computer-Aided process planning (applied to machining, rapid prototyping and laser digitising), and product and process modelling).


He moved in October 2001 to a new position in Ecole Centrale de Nantes and for research activities, in IRCCyN (Research Institute for Communications and Cybernetics of Nantes, UMR CNRS 6597). In 2002, he has created a new project in IRCCyN (Virtual engineering for Industrial engineering). He has developed a new training orientation (Industrial product and system engineering) with two different specialisations (development of industrial products, development of industrial systems). He has been the head of the department (“Engineering of Industrial Products and Systems) during three years (2003-2006). From 2006 up to end of August 2012, he has been Deputy Director for Research of Ecole Centrale de Nantes.


He has been awarded to the first class of professors in 2002 and to exceptional class of professors in 2010.

He is the vice-president of AFPR (French Rapid Prototyping Association) and its representative in GARPA (Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations). He contributed widely to the development and the valorisation of rapid product development concepts (including reverse engineering). He contributed to two books in this field and is very often associated to many events at regional, national and international level. He is evaluator for projects and PhD reports for different international universities in this field. He is the publishing director of the national journal “Vigie Prototypage Rapide”.






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