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Prof. Imed Kacem
University of Lorraine, France


Imed Kacem is Full Professor at the University of Lorraine, France, in Computer Science. He is the Founder and the Head of LCOMS Laboratory of the University of Lorraine since 2013 (LCOMS is the Laboratory of Design, Optimization and Modelling of Systems) after being the Head of the Computer Science Department. His scientific activity is in a transversal and interdisciplinary domain: the Operational Research. 

More precisely, his contributions are related to the design of exact and approximate algorithms with a guaranteed performance for the NP-hard combinatorial problems. Such problems are mainly related to the scheduling theory. These research activities are at the frontier of the Computer Science and the Applied Mathematics, and the applications are interdisciplinary and various (production, packing in electronic design, Healthcare, Transportation…). His contributions have been published in referred journals (Discrete Applied Mathematics, Discrete Optimization, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Journal of Scheduling, Computers and Operations Research, Computers and Industrial Engineering, JIMO, IJPE, JIM, IJPR, EJOR, IJOR, 4OR, IJCIM, IEEE Transactions,...). He obtained several distinctions such as the 2009 ROBERT FAURE Award attributed by the French Society of Operational Research and Decision Aid (ROADEF), the 2015 Steffen Schwarz Award, the Great Award of Research 2010 from the Lorraine Universities, the Scientific Excellence Premium from the French Ministry since 2006, the participation to several editorial boards of international journals (like Computers & Industrial Engineering-ELSEVIER and European Journal of Industrial Engineering), the invitations as Keynote Speaker in several conferences (IEEE/CIE40, Japon (2010), FUBUTEC2011, United Kingdom (2011), IEEE/CoDIT2013, Tunisia (2013), IEEE/ICSCS2013, France (2013)). He was Guest Editor for several international journals like RAIRO-Operations Research, Computers and Industrial Engineering (Elsevier), Journal of System Science and System Engineering (Springer) and European Journal of Industrial Engineering.

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