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Mrinal Pal
Mrinal Pal
CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, India
Application of Gas Sensors in Medical Science: Scope and Challenges
Since the time of the ancient Greeks, gas analysis of human expiration has been explored for getting important information on the state and functioning of different human organs, decomposition of some pathologic states or exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is possible, through breath odour to identify the sweet, fruit like scent of acetone, and hence the underlying diabetes of a patient, the stench attributable to a lung absyss and the fumes of ammonia, an indication of kidney disease. In fact a quantitative determination of O2and CO2 in the expiration characterizes gas-interchange functions of the blood and lungs. Exhale breath contains more than 1000 VOC¡¯s and few of them are established as biomarker. However, the challenges remain in the detection of those biomarkers having concentration from ppm to ppt level in exhale breath. Breath analysis has benefits like noninvasive, easy, point of care diagnosis. This method has obvious shortcomings in the application because of complex character of breath and resolution to distinguish between healthy person and a patient. In this talk an overview of breath analysis using semiconductor gas sensor will be presented.
Dr. Mrinal Pal is a Principal Scientist of Sensor and Actuator division at CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR-CGCRI). Just after completion of his PhD, he moved to University of Roma, Italy for a short term postdoctoral research work on humidity sensing properties of different nanocomposites. Then he joins as a prestigious STA fellow of Govt. of Japan and worked on functional nanocrystalline materials during 1998-2000. His research focus is on the design and advanced applications of nanomaterials in the field of gas sensors, magnetic materials, multiferroics etc. He was actively involved in the post graduate teaching in the field of solid state physics / materials science at The University of Burdwan. He has around 90 peer-reviewed research publications in the field of materials science and nanotechnology. He has contributed several book chapters on advanced materials and technology for esteemed publishers in USA and India. He has guided several students for their Ph.D. degree. Dr. Pal serves as scientific evaluator Govt. scientific agencies and member of panels of experts to various Ph.D. committees, P.G. Board of studies. He has been invited for keynote and invited talks in many national and international conferences. Dr. Pal has been actively involved in wide national and international collaboration in different area of his interest. His current research on diabetes sensor materials and multiferroics has emerged as promising materials for building new devices to tackle key challenges in medical and energy supply issues.
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