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Fadhil N. Sadooni
Fadhil N. Sadooni
Qatar University, Qatar
Future potential hydrocarbon plays in the Arabian Basin

The Arabian basin is the richest hydrocarbon province in the world hosting more than 67% of the world’s oil reserve. A fortunate combination of rich source rocks, excellent carbonate reservoirs and a good timing of oil migration and tectonism provided the needed traps to store these huge reserves. The Basin provided the world with its energy since the drilling of the Masjid Sulaiman Field in Iran in 1908 by the Anglo-Turkish Company. The Arabian Basin, however, may still have more hydrocarbon deposits after a century full of exploration activities. There are new oil and gas playsthat need to bedrilled and evaluated. Among the future potential oil and gas potential reservoirs in the region are the Paleozoic clastics all over the basin (Ordovician porous sand associated with the hot Silurian shale) as indicated by the exploration work in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The Triassic carbonate-evaporite successions proved to be a rich new oil system in the northern parts of the Arabian Plate extending through Iraq, Syria, the Levant and even within the Mediterranean offshore areas. Stratigraphic entrapments in the Cretaceous rudist buildups, the mud mounds, the intertidal dolomites all these represent new plays that need to be evaluated and drilled. In our view, the Arabian Basin still have many pleasant surprises for the future.
Fadhil N. Sadooni is professor of Petroleum Geosciences and Basin Analysis at Qatar University. He is also adviser of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at the same university. Sadooni holds double qualifications in petroleum geosciences from the University of Bristol (UK) and Environmental Sciences and Management from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). He has more than 35 years of experiences in both the petroleum industry and academia. He worked in the petroleum industry in the Middle East and SE Asia and taught at the Universities of Yarmouk (Jordan), United Arab Emirates and Qatar. He authored more than 10 books in English and Arabic and published more than 70 papers and presented hundreds of presentation, seminars and workshops. Sadooni works also as international consultant for the major oil companies in the Middle East. He co-authored recently “The Petroleum Geology of Iraq” that was published by the Scientific Press in the UK. At the present time, Sadooni conducts research on carbonate reservoirs of the Middle East including microbial dolomite, life in extreme environment and on evaporites depositional systems and diagenesis. He serves as reviewer for many prestigious international journals in energy and environment.
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